Terri Finney

Four years ago, I had a family crisis that transformed the way I looked at my life. While painful, crises invite us back into alignment with the highest and best of ourselves.  I began down a path of self-awareness that I had not yet traveled.

I have always found my work as a psychologist both meaningful and gratifying, and it has brought me great success. However, seeing great human being at their worst and hearing their heart wrenching stories day in and day out became unsustainable for my weary soul. This was the beginning of me turning the page on my career for the next decade of my life.

I took my career to date, and started applying it to different ways of working with different kinds of people.  I got trained in personal and executive coaching.  I studied with some of the best and brightest in that realm. I doubled back and reviewed what I had learned in business school at C.U.  I studied the crossover between money and psychology. I read.  I meditated.  I talked - and listened.  And as a result, my clients started waking up to seeing themselves in a new way as well.  They learned to create new mindsets; to take action, and to manage their energy differently.

The lessons I’ve learned in the past four years are lessons I am passing on to people who choose to work with me.  Some of my best lessons have come from the mistakes I have made.  I have fallen down and gotten back up. What this means for you is that I understand in a deeply personal way how important it is to work toward goals – and how impossible it seems some days. 

The people I am working with today are high performing people who are also wondering what is next for them.  I can help draw a roadmap specifically designed for people looking to escape the velvet handcuffs and create a life filled with happiness, success, and a deep sense of purpose.  If we want to create extraordinary lives, we need to become extraordinary people. And we do that by taking baby-steps and making non-negotiable commitments to do the things which matter most.  

You might be drawn to working with me.  You are bright and resourceful and you want to climb to the heights of your potential. You want to develop your super-power to help you navigate uncertainty.  You want to be supported by those who love you, so you need to be able to articulate the shifts in your sense of self.  You want to be free from behavioral patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that may no longer be supporting you.

When the techtonic plates are shifting beneath our feet, it is hard to remember that there is a thread of genius, power, and responsiveness that runs through our lives. I would love to support you in finding your signature strength.   My signature strengths are my ability to see core truths and my ability to speak in a way that touches people deeply. That’s why you want to work with me.