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Multi-tasking is a Weakness, Not a Strength

Are you talking on the phone while you are reading this?  I invite you to put down your phone while you read what research is teaching us about multi-tasking.

Research has shown again and again that the the human mind isn’t meant to multitask. Even worse, research shows that multitasking can have long-term harmful effects on brain functioning.

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Embracing Conflict

"We embrace conflict for the miraculous results that are possible on our path toward personal transformation.  Here is an article that I recently wrote which has implications for business, families, individuals...  those of us who have to deal with conflict.  And that might just be all of us." 

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Strong Roots, Flexible Branches, Detachable Leaves

People make better financial, emotional, and intellectual choices when they have a strong sense of self, flexible thinking, and the ability to let go. The metaphor of a tree is useful to understand psychological qualities that are necessary for making good choices, as well as for navigating change.

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