Mental Fitness Training

Wellness is a competitive advantage. Investors want to protect their investments by making sure their founders stay mentally and physically fit. They want entrepreneurs that can stay in the game, and not get derailed by the emotional roller coaster of entrepreneurship. 

As an entrepreneur, your greatest asset is you. You are worth more than any amount of funding and any idea. Your humanity is the birthplace of your innovation, creativity, passion, and resilience. It's where the awesome ideas will come from. It is how you will be able to connect with people. And it is what will get you through the challenges. A business plan that doesn't leverage its greatest asset doesn't make good business sense.

The objectives of this training are to educate entrepreneurs about the behavioral and emotional skills required for their mental well-being; and the differences they face as founders rather than employees. This classroom style training can occur in a live classroom or in a group phone coaching format. The training includes education, individual exercises, and group process.

"To put it simply, Terri Finney is an amazing coach. You can tell from your first meeting how much she cares about supporting those around her, especially entrepreneurs. She understands the challenge and stress of being an entrepreneur and balances that with a unique and special ability to support as well as challenge our teams to dig deep and work at the most fundamental level. We are so thankful that she chooses to continue to work with us and our startups. She is an integral part of their health and success as a team, a founder and a person." – Erin Stadler, Managing Director, Boomtown