Perils of Entrepreneurship

Perils of Entrepreneurship

It’s Brutal Out There

Let’s face it.  Starting a company is not for the faint of heart.  It takes guts, spirit, persistence, resourcefulness, curiosity, creativity, and the abiity to tolerate risk.  And that’s just the personal qualities.  Entrepreneurs are risk takers by nature and tend to have good rejection strength.   But rejection strength is not enough.  Starting a business requires that one takes on multiple roles.  Juggling multiple roles is stressful.  Taking on roles that don’t fit your competency or your passion increases the stress.    What is your stress management style?  Who makes up your support group?  Who reminds you of your guts, spirit, persistence, resourcefulness, curiosity, creativity and ability to tolerate risk?   This is a major advantage of Executive Coaching.

Interpersonal Skills

Notwithstanding all of the technical and financial skills required, there are also interpersonal skills to master.  What does neuroscience tell us about how to communicate to facilitate collaboration and cooperation?   How does one go about influencing others?  There are hard conversations to master.  How does one fire someone respectfully?  What about when this person is a loyal friend?  How does one give and receive feedback?  How does one say “No” gracefully?  How does one deal with conflict?  Are empathy and kindness really essential in business?  We will help you understand business psychology so you can confidently answer these questions.  

Mental Health as a Competitive Advantage

Entrepreneurs have higher rates of depression and anxiety than executives in established businesses.  One of the main reasons is the need to “fake it til you make it.”   Raising capital for a business requires optimism, confidence and a healthy dose of bravado, along with a good business plan.  Impression management takes a toll when the internal world of the entrepreneur is in conflict with the image that he or she projects.  The doubts and fears can cascade into a torrent of depression and anxiety.  Risk takers and bravado experts have difficulty expressing vulnerability and pain.   Hidden emotions are toxic.  Depression and anxiety are treatable, but only if recognized.  Left untreated they can unravel a business, a marriage, and a family.  With thirty years in the mental health field, Dr. Finney can help you understand your emotions and facilitate you getting back to your healthy whole self. 

Self-Care and Habits for Success

Self-care often takes a back seat when one starts a business.   Meetings and workload take precedence.   Yet it is difficult to maneuver a vehicle that is not performing optimally.   Healthy habits and routines such as exercise, meditation, healthy eating, and good sleep habits build resilience and help to stave off the emotional issues that accompany entrepreneurship.   Learn to master mindsets that increase focus and attention, and master your results.

"It is hard to put into words how much Terri has helped me. As an Entrepreneur it has been hard to find someone that gets what I am going through emotionally, physically. Terri makes you come to terms with things we do not want to. She has made me address so many issues that I knew about and didn't want to come to terms with or issues I did not know existed. This has reduced stress and made me a better founder. She can always get me in the right headspace no matter what. Without her as my coach, I would not be as successful as I am. I owe so much of my success to her. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my business." – Matt Hyder, Founder of Recoup Fitness