Family Wealth Dynamics

Families are complex. Having worked with families for over 25 years Dr. Finney appreciates the power and possibility inherent in a healthy family system:

One that can respect and affirm individuality while working collaboratively for the greater good; One that can work together and play together; One that can disagree and resolve conflicts; One grounded in their history and values; One that can envision the potential impact they have on their world.

Families, like individuals, have quirks. They have strengths. They embody all the simplicity and complexity of love. Wealth, like any resource utilized optimally, calls for special attention, and adds a level of complexity to family systems.

Dr. Finney works with families who aspire to stretch beyond complacency and ordinary to visionary and purposeful. She has multiple tools at her disposal to facilitate understanding, explanation, and ultimately transformation:

  • Assess and capitalize on strengths in individuals and family systems
  • Assess and address intimacy, control, and power issues in couples
  • Bring unconscious and/or unspoken family dynamics to the table
  • Address conflicts that arise when family business and family dynamics collide
  • Create an environment that supports connectedness while fostering independence
  • Support all family members in finding meaning and purpose in their lives
  • Recognize and implement plans for dealing with mental health problems of family members


Terri has a deep passion and innate wisdom in helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential. As a coach, she increases people's personal effectiveness, responsibility and leadership skills. Her expertise in assessment, communication, and coaching contribute to healthy team dynamics. Most importantly she is easy to work with and interfaces well with other advisors. – David Cohn, David Cohn & Associates