The Finney
Consulting Difference

Executive Coaching

Together we will assess and personalize your business goals whether they be in the areas of development, skill building, or performance in your present job. 

Personal Coaching

I have helped hundreds of people – from young adults to established CEOs – find clarity, overcome obstacles and achieve new heights of personal success. As your collaborative partner, we work together to build a supportive and productive relationship.

Business Consultation

I work with entrepreneurs, closely held businesses, and non-family businesses that are looking to stabilize or "reset" the human factors that impact success. 






Articles & Insights

Leverage Your Greatest Asset - Musings For Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, your greatest asset is you. You're worth more than any amount of funding and any idea. Your humanity is the birthplace of your innovation, creativity, leadership skills, passion, integrity, and resilience. It's where the awesome ideas will come from, it is how you'll be able to connect with people, and it's what will get you through the challenges.  A business plan that doesn't leverage its greatest asset doesn't make good business sense.

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Six Steps to Me - Building Healthy Identity for Next Gens

When you think of the legacy you want to leave behind, consider more than the financial legacy. Consider the legacy of a family of individuals with a healthy sense of themselves and their place in the world. Inheritance can be a troublesome gift to those that are emotionally unprepared.

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