The Finney
Consulting Difference

Personal Coaching

I have helped hundreds of people – from young adults to established CEOs – find clarity, overcome obstacles and achieve new heights of personal success. As your collaborative partner, we work together to build a supportive and productive relationship.

Honor Your Family and Your Family Members

I work with families to manage the complexities that arise from intergenerational wealth, to help calm and reset family dynamics, and to help families who aspire to stretch beyond the ordinary to be visionary and purposeful.

Building a Strong and Stable Business

Working with family and non-family business owners across the full spectrum of success – those who are looking to stabilize and “reset” the human system, and those who are ready to elevate their function and performance as a team. 

For Advisors

Advisors across all disciplines call on Finney Consulting to address areas of need among individuals, families, and businesses. Dr. Finney coaches advisors to be their most authentic self in a way that supports advisor/client relationships.

Articles & Insights

Six Steps to Me - Building Healthy Identity for Next Gens

When you think of the legacy you want to leave behind, consider more than the financial legacy. Consider the legacy of a family of individuals with a healthy sense of themselves and their place in the world. Inheritance can be a troublesome gift to those that are emotionally unprepared.

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Strong Roots, Flexible Branches, Detachable Leaves

People make better financial, emotional, and intellectual choices when they have a strong sense of self, flexible thinking, and the ability to let go. The metaphor of a tree is useful to understand psychological qualities that are necessary for making good choices, as well as for navigating change.

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Following Your Purpose – 1 of Many Key Leadership Traits

The Huffington Post reports that there are more than 27,000 leadership books on, not to mention the countless seminars, articles and workshops, and then they offer one more – Psychologist Carolyn Gergoire says there are “7 habits of natural leaders.” While I’m not sure there are just seven, I do particularly like #2 on her list: “They follow their purpose.”

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